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14 August, 2019
5:08 PM

Story of Balamma

I am Balamma, 67 years old from Putthur village, Thondamuthur block, Coimbatore district. My husband passed away 27 years ago. I have 2 sons, but they are married and living elsewhere. There is no one to take care of me.

For the past 4 years, I have complaints of BP, Blood Sugar and longstanding stomach ulcers. Even though Isha Mobile Health Clinic visits our village weekly once, I thought Government hospitals only can cure my health issues. So, I have been getting treatment from Coimbatore Government Hospital. I have to travel at least 40 km by bus for this treatment.

As I am aged now, it is very difficult to travel. So, most of the days I have dropped my hospital visits and I am unable to continue my treatment. Due to irregular treatment, I had severe sickness very often. So, I have started treatment from the Isha MHC. Now, I am getting treatment for my ailments from caring doctors at my place itself with free medicines.

At present, I am able to follow regular treatment and I feel better. I voluntarily motivated other persons to utilize Isha's Mobile Health Clinic facility. These Health Clinics are very helpful for a person like me. There are more people like me in our area, for whom this service is a blessing.

Thanks to Isha who is making this happen!

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